7 Best Superfoods for a Flat Belly 

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins, thus Lisa Young, Ph.D., RDN, author of Finally Full, Finally Slim, private nutritionist, and Medical Expert Board member, recommends them. You may add blueberries to your diet without adding many calories. 


Increased salmon consumption can help you lose weight since it's high in protein and curbs appetite. Salmon reduces inflammation, which is linked to weight gain, 


A cup of protein-packed Greek yogurt or a dollop of it on a bowl of fiber-filled oats will help you lose weight and have a flat belly. Young says, "Yogurt is high in calcium, potassium, and vitamin B." Its calcium concentration regulates energy metabolism, which may aid weight reduction. Probiotics in yogurt aid digestion and appetite management." 


The finest flat belly superfoods are leafy greens. Burak says, "Like most veggies, greens provide tons of volume and nutrients for very [few] calories—a great bang for your buck when losing and/or maintaining a healthy weight." 

Leafy Greens, like Spinach 

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Fill in some texAvocados start our list of the top superfoods for a flat tummy. “Avocados are hands-down my favorite superfood, not only because they're literally these little green bundles of joy that encompass everything nutritious, but because they're so creamy, satisfying, and delicious t


Olive oil, like avocados, is rich in monounsaturated heart-healthy fats that enhance the flavor of prepared meals. «It is a mainstay of the Mediterranean diet and has been researched for decades as a major factor contributing to longevity in blue zones 

Olive Oil 

"belly-busting" chia seeds "because they literally expand in your belly when they merge with liquid so they help you feel more full." Burak calls fiber in chia seeds "a double hunger-crushing whammy." The USDA reports that one ounce of dried chia seeds has about 10 grams of fiber and 100 grams has 34 grams. 

Chia Seeds 

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