5 signs your dog needs more care as it ages

Old age usually begins between eight and ten years. His head and muzzle may gray, and he may lose sight and hearing.

Nutrition may change in older dogs, who eat less or slower. Please get your dog a special diet from your vet.

Many adult dogs sleep most of the day, but seniors sleep longer and deeper. Always keep his resting space warm, comfy, and comforting. 

As dogs age, regular vet visits are best. For older dogs, pet parents should undergo annual blood checks and annual or biannual exams

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Your pet's health depends on brain and physical activity. Hide-and-seek, puzzle pet toys, and winning activities keep their brains alert

 Check your older dog's kidney, liver, and white and red blood cells to ensure their health. This is an easy approach to detect any disease.

. Place your dog's bed in a warm room. To keep him warm, cover his bed with a fleecy blanket and raised edging.

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