4 Zodiac Signs' Relationships

Venus entering Virgo, your amorous sign, will intensify your romance. It goes beyond bringing in new suitors or prospects in an existing relationship to challenging you to love better than before.

Entering a new relationship is one thing, but repeating your wounds or conditioning will make it like the others. Honoring what you've learnt is the first step to change.  

Since Venus entered Leo in June 2023, love decisions have become healthier. Healing from a past heartbreak or from believing love was supposed to hurt may have also been involved.

It's possible to repair relationships and start over. Advocate for your needs and set appropriate limits if this is you. Boundaries may be gentleness when you express your sacredness. 

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While you can start over in an existing relationship, Venus in Virgo may make you want to start over with a new one. It can be difficult to love and embrace each phase of your relationship's evolution. 

Venus in Leo guided your romantic life through meditation and teachings. As you emerge from the other side, make time to enjoy your connection.

No matter how big your love concepts are, they need roots and wings to thrive. It can feel like love is fleeting rather than eternal, but it all depends on whether you give it the time your relationship needs to grow.  

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