10 Creative Ways to Prevent Cat Curtain Shredding

Cats climbing curtains can be reduced by opening them. Cats are curious and prefer to peek out of windows, but they don't have opposable thumbs, so they may remove the obstruction.

A good climbing alternative can keep your cat away from your curtains. Cat trees, climbing structures, and shelves can assist active cats avoid curtain destruction by improving their climbing experience

A catnip-sprayed or dried scratching post can give your cat a non-destructive place to scratch. Cats relax by scratching, so offering them a location other than your curtains is a win-win.

Keeping cats busy reduces their destructiveness. Boredom makes some cats act out. Keep cat toys on hand to entertain them and use their hunter instincts to reduce destructive behavior

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Like mine, your cat may be enamored with a window, so provide them a perch to watch the neighborhood. This can be a table or shelf at the proper height for your cat to gaze out the window 

Give cats a decent hiding area outside the curtain panels because they sometimes claw or pull down curtains while hiding behind them

Citrus spray can make drapes smell bad to cats. Citrus stinks to cats and leaves a harsh taste on their paws, but you probably won't mind.

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